About Us


Connect with consumers where they are, with content that is relevant, authentic and shareable.


Bridge the gap between physical and digital with sites and apps that respond to the user.


Site builds of any size, powered by the latest technology, that connect and house diverse types of content.

Who We Are?

WE ARE CREATIVE - BINDU provides innovative and expert digital solutions and maximise your objectives THROUGH your online presence and brand. We know that our key to success is by achieving your business goals.

With FIFTEEN years in design, marketing and IT development, WE can create an integrated marketing strategies that can engage your audience and help you achieve your business goals.

By "BEING SOCIAL ONLINE".... We help brands to be more social; to talk to people, and to be talked about by people. We aren’t an agency centred around departments but crafted around driven, creative people blended together to provide an alchemy of intelligent insight, imaginative ideas, exceptional implementation, and potent impact.

We improve your business' visibility through our innovative strategies and approach to finding the best ways to reach your audience and engage them.

We know time is money. We automate your marketing and advertising analytics and present what you should actually care about, daily. Gain clarity into your analytics, with your data visualized & delivered daily.

WE USE TECHNOLOGY IN SERVICE OF CREATIVITY. Our passion for pushing the limits of technology is aimed at one thing: bringing our best creative ideas to life in intriguing, engaging ways. Because the best innovations are the ones that enhance life in meaningful ways.

WE CREATE CONTENT THAT BUILDS BRANDS AND ENGAGES CONSUMERS. From social to mobile to platform, we specialize in content that is tailored to each channel and true to the shared ideal between brand and consumer.

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