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November 1, 2016 by Bindu
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Digital advertising is integral to the success of your business and understanding how best to implement it is imperative.

Our company has the expertise to support and advise you on a variety of methods to help you get the most out of your digital advertising.

From mobile video advertisements to native advertising, viewable impressions and behavioural targeting, no matter your requirement we have the know how to make your advertising plan a success.

People know a great advertisement when they see one, but getting it to the right people at the right time can be an art unto itself. As innovation in advertising technology renders old tactics obsolete, it also opens new opportunities to reach your audience.

The most important points to consider when forming your digital advertising plan are to know where people will listen, what content they will engage with and know how best to reach your audience.

Mobile video consumption is growing rapidly and provides advertisers with a way to reach consumers on a more personal level.

With the increased popularity of larger smartphone screens, the utilisation of mobile video advertising has never been more effective. Mobile video viewers are what you might call a captive audience.

Radio advertisements can result in people changing the station; however people using a smartphone are more likely to pay attention to what they are looking at. Native advertising is when websites feature advertisements that emulate the content and style of their own site.

This form of advertising is typically long-form blog posts, infographics or videos that aim to inform, entertain and inspire people without directly promoting a product. For example, a banner ad from a clothing retailer might promote a winter clothing sale, but a native ad from the same retailer might discuss winter fashion tips instead.

Typically, native ads are tagged with a disclaimer such as sponsored content, paid post or promoted by. If you’re targeting millennials, who tend to be put off by sales advertisement content, consider native advertising.

Until recently, digital advertisers were very susceptible to fraud. Many were misled into paying for bottom-of-the-page ads that no one scrolled down far enough to see. Essentially, some people realised they could run up their competitors’ advertising bills by creating computer programmes that automatically click advertisements.

Thankfully, new view ability technology and an advertising model called viewable impressions are eradicating both of these problems. With viewable impressions, advertisers are only charged if the ad appears on a user’s screen for a minimum duration. When you purchase viewable impressions, make sure you have the option to buy guaranteed time slots, especially if you plan to run video advertisements. The rate you pay reflects the total amount of time your audience spends with the advertisement.

New channels, tactics and payments model will only serve your marketing efforts if advertisements reach the right people. Rather than spending your budget on a large set of consumers, you can more efficiently use behavioural data to target people who fit your customer persona.

While advertisers commonly target individual websites where they expect their customer to hang out, behavioural data improves upon this approach by allowing you to target groups of people across multiple advertising properties. Behavioural targeting providers can profile a group based on an analysis of online searches, Internet browsing habits, purchasing history and much more.

If you’re targeting specific types of consumers, behavioural data can mean the difference between a bungled campaign and a huge victory. Call us today on 36750275 and get expert advice on making digital advertising work effectively for your organisation.

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