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November 1, 2016 by Bindu
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We are the perfect choice for those looking to launch a new product or service. As a digital marketing specialist based in Bahrain, we can help you create a buzz and get the word out to your target market.

Social media and the 24 hour news cycle have completely changed how new products are introduced to the market. As with any endeavour in the social media space, open conversation can be a double-edged sword and knowing how to handle this is paramount to the success of your launch.

Consumers are quick to freely share their opinions about your brand and new products online. A discussion can quickly turn into a harvesting of like-minded brand ambassadors providing a boost to your brand, but equally it can result in negativity that drives your efforts into the ground providing one hurdle after another. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to be mindful of the many media outlets when launching a new product and this is where we can provide support and advice.

Our company offers a wide range of social media packages for you to reach your targeted audience with results that can be monitored. Live video streaming can be a great way to promote your product and is one of the most recent tools to join the array of advertising possibilities on Facebook. Another social media site with live video streaming capability is Periscope, which also boasts a worldwide audience. According to Facebook people comment 10 times more on Facebook live videos compared to regular videos. There are even benefits after the live broadcast, as Facebook allows your audience to replay the live video as well as the comments that were posted.

Another effective method for live video is Snapchat, which has the ability to connect you with a younger audience. A perfect way to gain interaction from your audience via Snapchat is by offering exclusive, time-sensitive opportunities or flash giveaways, whereby users take a screenshot of a discount code or coupon to be used at your store.

We utilise social media to build brand advocates and encourage valuable peer-to peer recommendations. Brand advocates quickly become your biggest cheerleaders and essentially develop your business and products within the market.

We also use social media to reach out to influential bloggers who have sway among your target audience. Blogging has become a big business and many bloggers have created a big buzz in their respective communities, resulting in huge advertising deals, sponsorships and even television deals.

For your launch we will create a launch-specific hashtag to track the ensuing conversation and will also do crowdsourcing. Launching a new product involves numerous moving parts and today‚Äôs marketing landscape requires a pragmatic approach and thoughtful plan. Call us today and start building an effective digital marketing campaign tailored specifically to your business requirements. 

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